What is the right of withdrawal?

Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law, a buyer is entitled to exercise his right of withdrawal from the contract and to return goods within 14 days from their delivery date.


How to exercise the right of withdrawal?

2M Kablo will pick up the returned good following the receipt of your request.

Some goods for which no right of withdrawal is applicable are given below:


Customized products tailored to your requests or needs specially or with modifications or additions unique to you upon your request;


Certain goods like jewels, bullion whose prices are subject to constant change due to volatilities in financial markets;


Products that are not fit for return due to health and hygiene requirements (precondition for returning certain products which are hygienically sensitive such as underwear, swimsuits and cosmetics: the product should not be unpacked and tried).


Audio or visual records unpacked by you (DVDs, CDs and cassettes etc), printed materials (books, magazines etc), software programs and computer consumables.


Products which are likely to spoil fast or best-before dates may be over soon.


What you should know about the use of withdrawal right:

1- In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you are required to use that right and to notify to 2M Kablo that you wish to return the product. You have 14 days from the delivery date to use your right. When the product is returned, invoice sent along with the goods should also be returned.

2- You should be well aware of products excluded from the withdrawal to. Please check the section stating those goods.

3- In case the good is used in line with its intended functions, technical specifications and user manual, any change or deterioration in the good will not hinder the exercise of the right. Where the good’s value is depreciated or a defect arises that renders the return of the good impossible, 2M Kablo may initiate legal proceedings against you to recover its losses.


I have used the product. May I return it under the right of withdrawal?

Where the product is unpacked, tried or used customarily, this does not cancel your right of withdrawal.


If I cause damage to the product, may I exercise the right of withdrawal, and return the good?

Pursuant to the applicable legislation, if the good is used in line with its intended function, technical specifications or user manual, deterioration in the product or depreciation in its value does not hinder the exercise of the withdrawal right. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if this deterioration or depreciation is attributable to your fault, you are required to indemnify 2M Kablo against the price of the product or the decline in its value. In this case, 2M Kablo may apply to court to recover its loss and may initiate legal proceedings against you.


In case of damage to the product, can the buyer use his withdrawal right and return the product?

Pursuant to the applicable legislation, if the buyer uses the product used in line with its intended function, technical specifications or user manual, the buyer shall not be liable for any modification or deterioration in the product during the applicable term for right of withdrawal (14 days from the purchase date in case of services sales, or from the delivery date in sales of goods). The buyer will be responsible for a failure or breakdown attributable to unusual use and in such a case 2M Kablo reserves its right not to approve the return.