This Confidentiality Policy shall be valid and applicable for all users who are members to

This Confidentiality Policy describes how your personal data are used and in what way they are protected. By using our services, you hereby accept and agree with terms and conditions hereof.




This Confidentiality Policy describes how we manage your personal data when we offer our services at

Collection of Personal Data

You can visit the site without revealing your identity or providing any personal data. If you choose to share your personal data, you will no longer be an anonymous user for 2M Kablo. In case you approve to share your personal data with 2M Kablo by accepting the User Contract and Confidentiality Policy, you will also approve the transfer of such data to 2M Kablo facilities and their storage there.

You hereby agree that 2M Kablo may collect and store your personal data below.

Electronic mail address, address/ contact details, ID number and, in some circumstances (based on the type of service used), financial data such as bank account number;

Details about transactions that you execute based on your actions at the site (purchases, products or product contents chosen or formed by you or that are linked to your used account).

Cargo details, invoice details or other details provided for the purchase of a product; correspondence exchanged over the site; feedback and messages sent to 2MB Kablo.

Computer/ hardware and connection data; page viewing details; data for incoming and outgoing traffic at the site; ad data and other details arising from your visit to the site, your use of services and your interaction with our contents and ads, including IP address details, standard web log data;

We can ask you to give additional data to verify your ID or in case of a suspicion that you may have acted in breach of 2M Kablo’s applicable policies (for instance, ID number to verify the address or answering certain additional questions to send the invoice or to verify that you are the true owner of the listed product);

Data received from other companies such as demographic or navigation details;

Additional data derived from third parties.


Use of Your Personal Data

2M Kablo’s primary purpose in collecting your personal data is to provide reliable, smooth, effective and personalized data. You hereby agree that 2M Kablo may collect your personal data for the purposes given below:

To provide such user support and services that you demand; 

To settle disputes and solve problems at the web site; 

To prevent, identify and investigate such unlawful acts or certain transactions that are or may be banned at the web site; to apply and proceed with 2M Kablo User Contract;

To personalize, measure and develop our services, contents and promotions;

To give you information about services offered at and other 2M Kablo web sites, targeted marketing, service update and promotional offers through the communication channels that you have opted; 

To send promotional materials via electronic mail for marketing purposes;

To compare data to verify them and to check and confirm these data with third parties.


For the purposes of marketing operations, 2M Kablo may transfer your personal data to third parties, to combine these data with the data of other users as well as data that we collect from other companies so that we can further improve and personalize our services, contents and promotional materials or we can also offer new services. Moreover, 2M Kablo may send promotional items to third parties for marketing purposes.

Disclosure by 2M Kablo of your Personal Data

We can disclose your personal data to provide our services, to fulfill our legal requirements, to apply 2M Kablo rules and policies, to respond to third party allegations about infringement or breach of rights in connection with sold products or related contents or to safeguard the rights or safety of any person.

In addition, 2M Kablo may disclose your personal data to the parties below:

To provide common contents and services (such as records, transactions and customer services); to assist in identifying or prevention of potential unlawful transactions and policy violations; and 

To service providers that assist 2M Kablo in its performance of business operations pursuant to the applicable contracts (investigations for fraudulence, invoice collections, business partnership and awarding programs, marketing and promotional services, user support services and alike)  

To judicial authorities or other governmental institutions and agencies or third parties upon an inquiry or request for information for any investigation, unlawful acts or other activities that may cause 2M Kablo users to face legal and criminal liabilities. Among the data that we can disclose are your user data, your user ID history, your personal ID number, your name, the city where you reside and your telephone number, your e-mail address, your IP address, your fraudulence complaints, your past offers and your listing history and all other data that you may deem related. 

In connection with investigations and inquiries into fraudulent acts, infringement of intellectual property rights, your piracy acts and confidentiality agreements or for any other investigation that we consider necessary or useful at our sole discretion under the applicable law. In this case, we can disclose your name, street address, city, country, postal code, phone number, electronic mail address as well as any corporate details.

To other business entities or those ones that contemplate to acquire or merge with 2M Kablo (in case of merger, the surviving company shall also be asked to apply this confidentiality policy).

Unless a valid request is received from judicial or other governmental bodies or third parties, 2M Kablo shall not disclose your personal data to these bodies or third parties; notwithstanding the foregoing, in circumstances, including but not limited to the ones above, where the disclose of such details or reporting of any suspicious unlawful operation is required to protect your confidentiality or to prevent any unlawful attempt, or where 2M Kablo is in the opinion that such a notice or reporting will prevent any potential damage or material loss, 2M Kablo may disclose such data.

Your Personal Data that you share at

In case you log in the site through a shared or public computer, your user details as well as certain data like reminders from 2M Kablo may be viewed by the person who uses the computer after you.


Use of Data allows the disclosure of your personal and financial data to complete your transactions at the web site.



We can use “cookies” (tiny files embedded in your hard disc) on some of our pages to help us analyse our Internet page flow, to personalize our services, to measure how effective our contents and ads are for promotional purposes and to improve our security.

There are a few significant matters that you need to know about cookies:

We offer certain features only if cookies are used;

We use cookies to identify you and to make sure that you remain connected;

Many cookies are “session cookies”, meaning that they are automatically deleted from your hard disc in case your session is closed.

If your Internet browser allows you to do so, you can reject cookies at all times.

Blocking spam messages, fake electronic mails and malware,

2M Kablo may contact you in line with your preferences. Therefore please make sure that you have defined your contact preferences.


Safety of User Account

Your password is the key to your user account. Please use original numbers, letters and special characters and please do not share your password with anyone. Please remember that if you share your password or personal data with third parties, you will be responsible for all actions taken on behalf of your account. If you lose your control over the password, this may lead you to lose control over your personal data and consequently you may be a party to legally binding transactions that are executed by third parties in your name. For this reason, in case the safety of your password is somehow jeopardized, you should immediately report it and change your password.

Access to, View and Change of Your Personal Data

You can view and change the majority of your personal data by logging onto the site. In general, as it is not possible for us to verify your ID, we cannot manually change your personal data. For this reason, whenever you need to change your personal data or such data are not correct, you should promptly update them. In case you apply to support line, your account will be closed down as soon as possible based on your transaction and in line with applicable regulation to block third parties from viewing your personal data.



We believe that data are value that merit protection. For this reason, we apply many tools to protect your personal data against unauthorized access and disclosure.

However, as you should also know, third parties may unlawfully intercept your communication or personal messages or you may block the delivery of such communication or messages, or third parties with bad faith may abuse or use your details for malicious purposes. Therefore while we try our best efforts to protect your confidentiality, it is not possible for us to promise that your personal data or messages will remain confidential at all times.


Third Parties

Unless otherwise is stated, this Confidentiality Policy is related for the use and disclosure of your personal data collected by only.