What should I do if I want to return a product?

You have 30 days to return a product ordered by you for any fault or defect in the good.  Moreover, products sold at our web site cannot be swapped or exchanged as they are offered for sale in limited stocks during applicable campaigns times. You can return a product/ products subject to the criteria below:


We kindly request you send the product to be returned in its unused condition and its undamaged packaging along with other materials by completing such copy of your invoice with the “Return Form” sheet.


After you ship back the returned product, you may be asked to state cargo dispatch code if necessary. For avoiding any problem, please keep your dispatch.

If you have used any discount coupon in your order, it will be redefined to your account during the return. The remaining time to use your discount coupon as of the date that you have used it will start to count down again upon return.


Return Address:

2M KABLO FABRİKA : Sancaktepe Mahallesi Klas Sokak No:08 Kat:02 34580 Silivri / Istanbul / TURKEY


Which products are not eligible for return?

Disposable products, fast-deteriorating products or those ones whose best-before-date may probably expire may not be returned. Any cosmetic and personal care products, underwear products, swimsuits, bikinis, books, reproducible software and programs, DVDs, VCDs, CDs and cassettes as well as stationery consumables (toners, cartridges, stripes etc) may be returned only if they are unpacked, tried, tested, spoiled or used.


Am I the one to pay cargo expenses for returned items?

After you complete the return form on such copy of the invoice (please see the other side of invoice) sent in accompaniment of the dispatch, please send the returned item to the following address:


Return Address:

2M KABLO FABRİKA : Sancaktepe Mahallesi Klas Sokak No:08 Kat:02 34580 Silivri / Istanbul / TURKEY


Time of Refund

After the product is checked to see if it meets those return criteria, 2M Kablo will refund the product cost to your credit card. Depending on your bank, it may take a few days to see your refund on credit card account. This is entirely dependent on your bank and 2M Kablo is not authorized to interfere with bank operations.


The product delivered to me faulty. What should I do?

If you return the product during the return time, necessary checks will be carried out and your product(s) may be replaced subject to stock availability. In case of out-of-stock products, your order will be cancelled and your money will be refunded.


Why is refunding in instalments?

In case you buy a product by payment in instalments, the entire product cost is refunded to your credit card account but your account credits that refund to your credit card in instalments.